a mask

Add masks to any movie.

Mask-O-Vision is a free browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome.


Works with:

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+

No more naked face shock.

We've all been there. You're unwinding with Netflix after a long day of maintaining your social distance, when a startlingly unmasked face from the Before Times pops up onscreen. With Mask-O-Vision, you can watch movies with renewed peace of mind.


In-browser wish fulfillment.

Things could be better. What if our leaders and public servants modeled science-backed best practices for keeping others safe during a catastrophic pandemic? With Mask-O-Vision, you can catch a glimpse of a slightly saner world.


Film history, remastered.

You've got the power. Follow in the footsteps of legends like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Ted Turner by mercilessly updating films for contemporary sensibilities. If Han shot second, he can wear a mask, too.


Any Questions?

We tested Mask-O-Vision on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, but theoretically it will work with anything you give it!
No, laptops and desktop computers only.
Mask-O-Vision is optimized to protect you from close ups, and it works best on long takes and steady shots. In general, Mask-O-Vision is more effective on color film than black and white, and it doesn't work well with animation.
Mask-O-Vision uses a face detection and tracking library called jeelizFaceFilter that analyzes video frames in realtime and compares them to a neural network derived from thousands of images of faces. When this library is confident it has detected a face, it calculates the face's rotation in 3D space, then uses three.js to superimpose a 3D mask object over the face. Mask-O-Vision requires a lot of processing power, so it currently only supports one mask at a time.
Nope! In fact, most online streaming platforms use DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) to try to keep us from adding masks to their movies. But we're determined. (That's why it takes a couple extra steps to fire up Mask-O-Vision.)
We await your feedback at info@maskovision.com
That's not a question.